About Tyr Energy

Tyr Energy is an investor in and developer of North American independent power projects (IPPs). Tyr Energy represents the North American cornerstone of the ITOCHU Corporation global IPP strategy, currently owning interests in IPPs described in our Projects section. We are actively pursuing acquisition and development opportunities to meet our growth targets. Worldwide, ITOCHU owns interests in or develops independent power facilities in Europe and Asia, in addition to the United States.

Tyr's Mission Statement and Core Advantages

Tyr Energy's mission is to be a committed owner of generation assets in the North American IPP market, recognized and respected for the creativity and integrity of our staff, the success of our business and the quality of our IPP investments and developments.

Tyr Energy brings value to IPP investment opportunities through the involvement of a creditworthy, committed parent and investment partners; the availability of an experienced acquisition, development, origination and asset management team; and a disciplined focus on target markets, customers and assets consistent with our growth strategy.


Tyr Energy maintains a company-wide commitment to obey the law. Our officers and other employees are committed to high ethical standards, regardless of culture, education or background. We also advise our suppliers, customers, and other interested stakeholders on the values and expectations our Company holds in our business relationships. Information For Business Partners

About TYR Energy