We specialize in working with Independent Power Producers, Large Industrial Users, Investor-Owned Utilities, Municipal Utilities and Joint Action Agencies to provide customized energy services. Our team leverages market knowledge with the strengths of our customers to determine the ideal combinations of projects to optimize results.


Bilateral Power Markets

Strategy development & implementation

  • Execution of customer hedging strategies
  • Long-term power and fuel supply origination support
  • Strategic transmission and transportation purchases
  • Load & price forecasting services

Near-term asset optimization through

  • Hourly / next-day trading activities
  • Transmission purchasing & optimization
  • Real-time fuel optimization support

Post trade analysis & reporting
Credit & contracts management

  • Credit monitoring
  • Credit analysis
  • Contracts administration

Results analysis and reporting

RTO/ISO Services

Asset registration

Resource parameter management

Long-term power and transmission analysis and strategy development

Congestion rights optimization and management

Short-term load Forecasting

Resource offer and load bid strategy development and execution

Market clearing results monitoring and management

Resource outage communications and reporting

Settlements and invoicing


Natural Gas Support

Natural gas supply, transportation and hedging strategy development and execution.

Pipeline capacity and storage management and optimization

Natural gas supply coordination and scheduling

Settlement services 


Mr. Moye joined Tyr Energy in 2019 as Senior Vice President and is responsible for providing energy management services to Tyr’s existing generating assets, and to other resource owners in the industry. Mr. Moye has Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Master of Engineering, and Master of Business Administration degrees, and is a registered professional engineer. He is currently a candidate for a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida.
Mr. Helms joined Tyr Energy in 2019 and is currently responsible for business development and operational administration of the energy management portfolio. Mr. Helms holds a BBA in accounting from the University of Houston and an MBA from Rice University.